Asian American Voters in California


CLCV Education Fund recently completed research about the environmental views and values of Asian Americans. You can learn more about the results of our survey in the report: Asian American Environmentalists: An Untapped Power for Change in California.

This first-of-its-kind study delved deeply into Asian American voter opinions on the environment, with interviews conducted in four different languages – English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

The results show that Asian Americans in California are:

  • More supportive of environmental regulations and laws to protect natural resources;
  • More inclined to self-identify as “environmentalists” than other voters statewide; and
  • More open to increasing fees for programs that protect the environment.


Why it Matters.

Asian Americans in ForestAsian Americans are one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in California. By 2025, Asian Americans are projected to be 18% of California’s population and make up more than 12% of California’s registered voters. They are also an untapped and largely ignored constituency, one with strong environmental values that can provide significant voter support needed to advance environmental reforms and protections.

We strongly recommend that those who are actively working to protect the environment — NGOs, government agencies, foundations, philanthropists, businesses and policymakers — should aggressively reach out to and engage Asian American voters in these efforts. While some environmental organizations report that it has been challenging to engage this voter group in environmental issues, our research found ways to improve future efforts to connect with this growing constituency.


Asian American Environmentalists: An Untapped Power for Change in California is intended to help expand the Asian American audience that is involved in environmental action and policy. We welcome your feedback about whether this information has been helpful in developing programs that mobilize Asian Americans to take action on environmental issues.

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