Building Power to
Solve the Climate Crisis

California Environmental Voters Education Fund is focused on building the power to solve the climate crisis by advancing justice and creating a roadmap for global action.

We believe that transformational change is necessary.

With our state constantly threatened by wildfires, droughts, extreme heat waves, and toxic air quality, climate action is an urgent imperative. It’s also an opportunity to address injustice at scale, touching every part of our economy and infrastructure.


Californians engage the natural world through our state’s unique and diverse geography — it makes sense that geography should inform their social and political worlds as well. California Environmental Voters Education Fund supports a broad application of federal and state voting laws to create districts where historically disenfranchised communities of color, Indigenous peoples, and frontline and fence line communities next to major pollution sources can elect candidates of their choice.


We are working to build the infrastructure and power for a clean energy future and increase its capacity to serve California’s underserved regions. We have an on-the-ground presence in the Central Valley, the Inland Empire, and Los Angeles to deepen our reach and ability to realize positive change for our environmental, climate justice, public lands, and conservation communities throughout different regions of the state.

We know lasting change happens through relationships and personal experience.

We have been working since 1996 to transform people’s relationship with our environment and each other by organizing, educating, and making the best use of technology and media. The 2030 deadline for significant climate action to avoid climate catastrophe is approaching fast. We have a lot to do before then, but we have the tools to make it happen!

We have the solutions

We can effect change.

We already have the solutions to combat the climate crisis. We know what needs to be done to adapt to a changing world, and to better prepare our communities for the future. We are educating policymakers on clean energy solutions that will redefine how our buildings, transportation, and other infrastructure can become more sustainable and energy efficient.

We know time is running out.

The ramifications of climate change are happening across California right now: drought, wildfires, flooding, and air pollution. The latest research gives us just until 2030 to figure out how to stop the most devastating consequences of climate change.

Climate protesters make their voices heard

We are in the business of changing what is possible.


Your donation to the Education Fund supports our efforts to solve the climate crisis, promote greater civic participation, shift public opinion, and educate voters and legislators


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