Ambassador Program

Support the Ambassadors' critical organizing work

By putting local young advocates at the forefront of advocating for clean water and air issues, the Ambassador Program directly tackles the severe inequities surrounding these issues in the Central Valley and Inland Empire head on.

As the program takes in even more up-and-coming young leaders, these future Ambassadors will need your support to reach their bigger and more ambitious goals.

Here’s what former Ambassadors have had to say about the importance of this program in their organizing journey:

"The Ambassador Program provided a space for me to learn and practice all the skills necessary for being an organizer as well as an active, connected member of my community." 
Lisa Imai
Riverside County
"The Ambassador Program has given me the opportunity to engage with my community about environmental issues we didn’t know about in the Central Valley. Getting to learn about these issues and how to tackle them has give me a new sense leadership that I can keep on building with community."
Mariela Vasquez
Madera County

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