Know Your Legislators & Districts

In order to take a stand, you have to know who is standing for you.

We educate legislators on environmental and climate policy.

We make it our mission to educate and inform newly elected members of the State Senate and Assembly to help them become successful legislators and environmental champions. We share information on:

  • How climate change is impacting our state and their district
  • The history of environmental policies in California
  • What solutions are being innovated
  • How to get laws passed in Sacramento

Do you know who is making the decisions about your home?

In order to protect yourself, your family, and the environment, you should know who is representing you in the government and what the main environmental issues in your area are. You should also research candidates and their positions on the issues. Knowing all of this will help you determine:

  • When it is time to take action by sending emails or making phone calls
  • Who to vote for, and whether you should campaign for a specific candidate
  • If you are being fairly represented in your government
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Know your legislators.

Your legislator is your representative in the government. It is their job to take your concerns under advisement when they vote on issues or draft new legislation. This system gives you power to make real changes in the world around you. Learn who your legislators are and contact them by phone or email or on social media to make sure your voice is heard and counted.

Know your district.

Legislators are assigned by district, so to make sure you are contacting the right people, you need to know which district you are in. Additionally, each district has specific issues and environmental concerns that you need to be aware of. Districts do change, so it is important to stay informed of the changes and understand what is happening in your area.


Know your topics of interest.

Do you know what the true quality of your air or water is? You have a right to know this and plenty of other information about where you live. Stay informed of the environmental and socioeconomic issues facing your local area so you can be a better advocate and help create lasting change.