A Policy Roadmap for California to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Although California has earned a global reputation for progressive environmental policy, the Golden State is not moving at the pace science says we must in order to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. We have the solutions to stop the climate crisis and build a cleaner, more resilient and just future, but we need the political will to implement these solutions at the rate and scale needed.

Through extensive research and interviews with partners and experts across the state, California Environmental Voters Education Fund has identified a set of policies and solutions that must be enacted before 2030 to protect people and our planet from further harm and begin to repair the damage already done through decades of climate inaction. The experts in environmental advocacy, environmental justice, workforce development, and the public and private sectors all agree we need bold, transformational, and intersectional leadership to achieve climate stability and advance economic, racial, and gender justice.

To that end, our organization has identified the following seven policy areas which are interconnected and depend on successful action on all fronts to realize our vision for a climate-safe future. Too many policy solutions are long past-due, and as a result…