Our future climate depends on the Supreme Court

The current U.S. Supreme Court is a danger to our future climate, and here’s how:

– In June of 2022 they took away the EPA’s ability to cap emissions from powerplants

– In May of 2023 they determined that wetlands that are protected under the Clean Water Act have to be physically connected to protected waterways, drastically reducing the effectiveness of the agency as well as reducing the overall amount of water protected

– And soon, the court will likely overturn one of their established doctrines, known as the Chevron case (1984). This doctrine currently leaves logistical questions up to the agencies (EPA, etc.) rather than the courts. If this is overturned, the court will have to answer all disagreements for regulatory matters, which would be TERRIBLE for climate progress.

Every environmental law, old and new, is at risk of being overturned with our current Supreme Court.

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