Primary Results Show Environment Was Top of Mind for Sierra Voters

Recent Polling Conducted by California Environmental Voters Education Fund Shows Wildfires and Drought Top of Mind Across Political Spectrum


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OAKLAND, CA Primary election results on June 7 confirmed findings in recent polling conducted by California Environmental Voters Education Fund (formerly the California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund) and Tulchin Research that show environmental issues were a top priority for voters in the critical battleground region of the Northern Sierras. The poll found that voters in this region are extremely aware of and concerned about the impact climate change is having on their communities and strongly support a number of policy proposals aimed at mitigating these effects and protecting and strengthening California’s natural environment. Following increased wildfires, droughts, close to 7-in-10 voters (67%) agreed that the effects of climate change are an issue Californians are increasingly feeling the impact of and need to be addressed and it was apparent these sentiments could have affected key races for the state legislature and Congress. The polling memo can be found here.

“This polling makes it abundantly clear that Californians in every region of the state feel the dangers of extreme heat, wildfires, and drought close to their homes and understand that extreme environmental impacts can only be slowed down by moving away from fossil fuels,” California Environmental Voters President Mary Creasman said. “Weak responses and delays only put our health, lives and livelihoods at risk as these threats become more intense, frequent, and destructive.”

“There is no question that the effects of climate change, including extreme heat, wildfires and droughts, are becoming more visible and are an issue California voters expect their leaders to act on,” said Ben Tulchin, a leading national pollster and President of Tulchin Research. “In the public opinion research we recently conducted in key battleground regions in California that could decide the makeup of the State Legislature, Congress, and ultimately how government adopts climate policies, our polling found that regions that historically have not been that supportive of climate action are now concerned about climate change and its impact and support a transition to renewable energy.” 

Strong majorities of Sierra voters expressed support for a number of policy proposals to help alleviate their concerns, especially those that focus on conserving water and strengthening safe drinking laws (85% total support, including 46% “strongly” support), increasing funding and resources to protect communities from wildfires (83% total support, including 48% “strongly” support) and protecting, restoring, and expanding public lands (76% total support, including 40% “strongly” support). Wildfires, drought, air pollution, and extreme heat register as top concerns for voters across the region, all voicing how environmental issues are deeply affecting their local communities.

The full polling memo can be found here.


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