Recapping Green California Advocacy Day 2023

If you haven’t heard, the Green California network is making waves in Sacramento. 

A coalition of 140 member organizations coordinated by EnviroVoters Ed Fund and the only environmental network of its kind in our state, Green California is relied upon by legislators as a key thought partner for passing impactful environmental, health, and justice legislation.

And every year, representatives from Green California’s member organizations convene in Sacramento on Green California Advocacy Day to advocate to the Legislature on issues impacting California’s air, water, and natural resources. 

This year’s Green California Advocacy Day was a massive success!

From left to right: Steven King from Environment California, Gracyna Mohabir from California Against Waste, our Central Valley Regional Organizer Andrew Escamilla, Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula, and former EnviroVoters Ed Fund Ambassador Emmanuel Agraz-Torres posing after a successful meeting

Assemblymember Isaac Bryan speaking at the morning briefing to kick off Green California Advocacy Day

Our Green California representatives, coming from up and down the state, met with over 50 legislators and staff to push for 12 environmental bills.

With the sweltering heat and the Sacramento air thick with smoke, it did not take much convincing that the climate crisis needs to be a priority for our state’s decision makers.

Even with climate change so obviously wreaking havoc here in California and around the world, Big Oil is spending millions against climate policy.

The Green California network serves to push against these forces, and show up as a powerful people-backed movement to make sure legislators hear: We need real climate action now!

From left to right: our Press Associate Erika Guzman Cornejo, our Grant Writer Charlotte Fall, and our Philanthropy Associate Blake Ballard posing in front of the Capitol building

From left to right: former EnviroVoters Ed Fund Ambassador Lisa Imai, former Ambassador Emmanuel Agraz-Torres, former Ambassador Pa Houa Lee, our Youth Organizing Associate Yolanda Aguilar Candelario, our Legislative Affairs Manager Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, and our Deputy Campaigns Director Matt Abularach-Macias posing with Assemblymember Rick Chavez Zbur

With just two weeks left for the State legislature to finish voting on bills this year, it’s the final push for us alongside our allies to make sure legislators stand strong and vote for climate action.

Here are the 12 bills that we advocated for, explained:

Assembly Bill 7 

Climate and Equity Goals for Transportation Investments

This bill would ensure that climate, equity, jobs, and maintenance goals are accounted for in the program planning for transportation investments.

Assembly Bill 241

Clean Transportation Program Modernization & Reauthorization

This bill would continue a funding system that uses fees from gas-powered cars to fund clean transportation programs, with 50% dedicated to low-income communities.

Assembly Bill 241

Food Product Safety

This bill would ban Red Dye 3, Titanium Dioxide, Potassium Bromate, Brominated Vegetable Oil, and Propyl Paraben

Assembly Bill 1407

Ocean Recovery and Large-Scale Restoration

This bill would restore coastal habitats by creating science-based restoration targets and fostering collaboration between state agencies and tribal communities.

Assembly Bill 1628

Microfiber Filtration

This bill would require microfiber filtration in new washing machines to prevent microplastics in waterways.

Senate Bill 3

Discontinuation of Residential Water Services

This bill would extend common-sense water shutoff protections to small communities.

Senate Bill 233

Bidirectional Electric Vehicles

This bill would require new electric vehicles (EVs) to be able to send extra electricity back to the grid to support it during peak demand times.

Senate Bill 244

Right to Repair

This bill would give Californians the resources to fix electronics and appliances, reducing the rate of e-waste trash.

Senate Bill 253

Climate Corporate Leadership and Accountability

This bill would require US-based corporations doing business in California with over $1 billion in annual revenue to disclose all of their emissions.

Senate Bill 389

Surface Rights Water Verification

This bill would ensure that our State Water Board has the ability to verify the scope of claims to senior water rights to ensure nobody is overusing our state’s precious clean water

Assembly Bill 1567

Climate Bond

This bill would allot $15+ billion to climate-resilient infrastructure to protect communities and ecosystems from flood, storm, extreme heat, extreme wildfires, and more.

Senate Bill 867

Climate Bond

This bill is essentially the same as the Assembly climate bond.

Here’s to a successful 2023 legislative session! A massive thank you to all of our Green California Advocacy participants.


California Environmental Voters (EnviroVoters) Education Fund, formerly the California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, believes the climate crisis is here and this moment requires transformative change. EnviroVoters Ed Fund fights for equity and justice for all Californians, from voting rights to clean air and water. We work together to make government, policy, and voting accessible by conducting public opinion research, shaping the public narrative, organizing with allies and local communities, and educating legislators on pressing environmental issues. We won’t stop until we have resilient, healthy, thriving communities, and a democracy and economy that is just and sustainable for all. Join us at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram