Why It Matters


Sunset in SoCalCalifornia is at a crossroads. As Californians, we have staked a lot on building a sustainable economy supported by green jobs and clean energy. The state’s fiscal health is still in crisis, with environmental protections threatened by budget cuts and rollbacks at every level of government. We face a weakening of the state’s regulatory agencies, challenges to implementing SB 32 (the Global Warming Solutions Act), and the resurrection of the old, and false, jobs versus environment debate.

Politically, we are in the midst of a sea-change as the effects of redistricting are felt across the state.  Furthermore, open primaries no longer serve to nominate party candidates for the general election. This opens up the potential for candidates of the same party to be running against each other in the general election runoff.


Water RocksCleaner air to breathe. Safer water to drink. Wild lands and open spaces to enjoy. Working for environmental protections and environmental justice is about holding all of our elected officials from both parties accountable for their votes on climate, water and land use issues.  Restoring ecosystems and promoting livable, sustainable and healthy communities depends on each one of us leveraging grassroots activism against the big polluters and other special interests that put their profits before our planet.

Collectively, we must make the changes necessary for reducing human impact on the environment. Each of us has an individual responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. Yet only through the channels of democracy and the political process will we be able to succeed in the large-scale changes that positive environmental public policy will bring.

Please join CLCV Education Fund in this essential endeavor, and take action now.

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