Tips for Managing Smoke and Polluted Air during Wildfire Season

Wildfire smoke and air pollution are not just a problem in California.

Folks across the East Coast are experiencing extreme wildfire smoke and poor air quality — things Californians are unfortunately all too familiar with. In the last decade, Californians have endured several severe fire seasons, resulting in dystopian scenes similar to the ones we’ve been seeing in New York City and Washington, D.C. right now.

Seeing the gas mask-donned people standing beneath the faded silhouettes of skyscrapers and blood-orange skies feels like déjà vu.

As seasoned experts on getting through wildfire season, Californians have some advice for our East Coast friends on how to deal with wildfire smoke and air pollution.

Climate protesters make their voices heard

Here at California Environmental Voters Education Fund, we believe that transformational change is necessary.

With our state constantly threatened by wildfires, droughts, extreme heat waves, and toxic air quality, climate action is an urgent imperative. It’s also an opportunity to address injustice at scale, touching every part of our economy and infrastructure.

We organize and educate voters; educate leaders who will fight to protect our water, land, air, and most vulnerable communities; radically advance climate policy and legislation by promoting greater civic participation; and expand democracy.